Sunday, June 14, 2009


The weekends is the only time that I can relax in my week. I've always sleep until eleven o'clock. When I woke
up I'll first brush my teeth then I'll eat my breakfast. After that I'll leave my home and play basketball until
it is lunch time. Then I will take a nap and review my homework all afternoon. At night I will eat dinner with
my family and then I will go to sleep. This is the way that how will I relax in my weekends.
When you walk into the graveyard there are many terrible things that you don't want to meet. You can smell some rotten things that families have given to the dead and forgot to take away. You can also see bugs everywhere,even crawling in the grave. Sometimes you can see families come to see the dead and for along time, and most of them cry horribly. And the most terrible thing is, because you are there to visit dead relatives, so when you are there you will want to cry.