Friday, November 30, 2007

Bach's story

Bach was called ''The Father Of Music''.he was born in Germany,his father taught him
violin and viola but when he was 10 years old, his father died,so his brother took him back to his house and taught him piano and spanish.but when he was 15 years old his brother had a child
so thier live turned poor,then bach left them.he taught violin in a church .1703,he was a violinist
in a band ,soon he was an organist in1707 he married a woman,in 1720 the woman had 13 children for bach,he wrote many songs in1723,but he could not see when he was old, in 1750 he was dead.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Brahms's story

Brahms was born at 1833,his father was the army's trumpeter. Brahms was good at piano,
when he was10th almost everyone knows him .when he was 15 he left school because of
school,sometimes he had concert,sometimes he wrote songs for the book 1859 he
biennale a girl singing class.in1865 his mother died,and he took three years to wrote a song
for his mother's 1872 his father died , too.
In 1877 ,Cantab gave him Doctor of Philosophy.in1878 he went to Italy for his first time.
in 1883-1887 he wrote many songs,in 1896 his girl friend died and he was so sad that he
was 1897 he died by hepatoma.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Chopin's story

Chopin was born in 1810 ,he lived in his country for 20 years, and then his lives in Englandwhen Chopin was 3years old he played piano for fun.when his parents saw he liked piano,they started to teach him , when he is 8 he made a song , and everyone taught he was a genius.
When he was 14 he went to an music school to learn music,when he was 17 he adapt some
from Mozart , he was more famous then Schumann when he was loved by Mrs.Maria and
they were in love,but they weren't married , soon he met a woman,she married someone before , she had two children and she 's older then him.But Chopin was weak so they were married,but at 1846 they had a fight and were divorce.Chopin was dead in1849.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Mozart was a music genius ,he was born at 1756 in Austria. his father was a musician,too. when

he was 4 ,he father taught him music , just for a while , his father took him to many big cities

to play musics , mozart had been very famous .

when he is eight he made his first song , called''La Finta Semplice''. mozart and his sister

were married , but his father wasn't very happy.he wrote a song called ''The Abduction from

the Seragilo''. 1777, his mother left Austria to work,but she died by sickness in her trip . at one

night a stranger gave him a letter to write asong for the stranger's wife , but mozart was very

sick , he knew this was the message from hell , it was ture when he was oing to finish the song

he was dead , he told his student Sussmayr to finish it, mozart was dead when he was 35.