Sunday, November 8, 2009

The most embarrasing experience in my life

Two years ago, when Iwas on the seventh grade, Ihad the most embarras experience. We had to hoist a bannner, and because of it, it made me very embarrasing. On that morning, when  I was wearing my uniform, Ididn't know i wear it the wrong way, and because i am wearing a jaket, my parents didn't noticed it, either. When I went to school, one of my classmate want to make a trick on me, he told to my classmate, they they decided not to wear a jacket when we was
hoist a bannner. So i wore the ''wrong way'' uniform. On the hoist a bannner, some of the other students notice me, too.
So they keep laughing, finally the teacher told me and I changed it right away. This was my most embarrasing experience in my life!