Sunday, January 3, 2010

The first bear in Taiwan

Twenty years ago, there was a furry bear named Peter, who lived in America. Peter was a selfish and cruel bear and he liked to eat curry rice. He commanded all the animals to give him all the curry rice that they had, because the animals wanted to eat curry rice, too. So they discovered that there was a island that had the most curry rice in the world by searching "google''. The island was called Taiwan. The animals found a killer named Ruby, and they asked her to bring Peter to Taiwan. So, the next day Ruby set out to find the bear called peter. After a few days, Ruby found Peter in a garbage can. And soon she brought him to Taiwan. But Peter lived very comfortably in Taiwan ,too.  He got married and had a son who couldn't fry an egg. And even built a zoo. In the zoo there were three poor animals who had been caught by Peter. There was an elephant named Will , a monkey who looked like an alien called Ethen, and a mouse named Young. Every Monday night, peter would commaned these three animals to make curry rice for him to eat. If they didn't, he would give them a knuckle sandwich. And this is the story of the first bear in Taiwan.