Sunday, January 3, 2010

The first bear in Taiwan

Twenty years ago, there was a furry bear named Peter, who lived in America. Peter was a selfish and cruel bear and he liked to eat curry rice. He commanded all the animals to give him all the curry rice that they had, because the animals wanted to eat curry rice, too. So they discovered that there was a island that had the most curry rice in the world by searching "google''. The island was called Taiwan. The animals found a killer named Ruby, and they asked her to bring Peter to Taiwan. So, the next day Ruby set out to find the bear called peter. After a few days, Ruby found Peter in a garbage can. And soon she brought him to Taiwan. But Peter lived very comfortably in Taiwan ,too.  He got married and had a son who couldn't fry an egg. And even built a zoo. In the zoo there were three poor animals who had been caught by Peter. There was an elephant named Will , a monkey who looked like an alien called Ethen, and a mouse named Young. Every Monday night, peter would commaned these three animals to make curry rice for him to eat. If they didn't, he would give them a knuckle sandwich. And this is the story of the first bear in Taiwan.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The person I knew who gets in trobble

My  friend , James , was a boy in my class. He wasn't a very good clssmate, somtimes he cheets, stole things from others, lie to classmate or teachers. Although everyone in the class hated him very much, but all of us still forgive him.. But he still do bad things, and didn't want to be good. So one day, at the computer class, he got his punishment. At the computer class, he was seeing colorful movies on the Net, but then he was caught by the teacher, he lied to the teacher that most of the classmates were wacthing, too. The teacher didn't believe him, so he got a warning. But he lied to his parents that the reason that he got the warning is because he didn't wear a heimet when he is riding a bicycle at school, but at some time, the teacher called his parents and told the truth. So he was been punish hardly by his parents. the next day to school, the teacher know that he said a lie so he got an extra warning. And after that, no one believe the words he says.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The most embarrasing experience in my life

Two years ago, when Iwas on the seventh grade, Ihad the most embarras experience. We had to hoist a bannner, and because of it, it made me very embarrasing. On that morning, when  I was wearing my uniform, Ididn't know i wear it the wrong way, and because i am wearing a jaket, my parents didn't noticed it, either. When I went to school, one of my classmate want to make a trick on me, he told to my classmate, they they decided not to wear a jacket when we was
hoist a bannner. So i wore the ''wrong way'' uniform. On the hoist a bannner, some of the other students notice me, too.
So they keep laughing, finally the teacher told me and I changed it right away. This was my most embarrasing experience in my life!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Proffesional athlete's money

Some people that are good at sports sometimes will become a proffesional athlete. Proffesional athlete sometimes win at
games and earn a lot of money. But people think that they recieve too much money. If you were a business man working hard, and all the money that you earn whole of your life is less than a athlete earns at a single game, so many people don't agree with athletes recieving so much money.I think that they should get that money, just like studying, they still need
to practice and train hard, or they won't have the chance to win at the game. Most of the athlete didn't have good grades
in school, so they decided to train for sports. Training isn't easier than studing, mybe some athletes trians more then you studing.So giving them a lot of money is a choice, because they can buy new things to help them train. I think poffesional athlete usually work more than normal people, so they deservr this money.

Tang Dynasty

If you were a twelve-year-old Child in the Tang Dynasty of China, you might have a peaceful life. The reason is, the Dynasty had a well government and a strong law.

The law back there was very cruel, if a robber robbed your house or killed a person, you might see prisoners been killed, sent to jail, being hit, sent to place had a little people. So people didn’t want to obey the law, or they will be punishesd hardly. The time back there, people lived happily because the crime rate was so low.

You will need to help your father plant, because back there, everyone was very poor, so every one in the family will have a job to help their family earn money. You might live in a large family; there might be ten to twenty people in your house. So you can get good care from your relatives. You were wearing white pants, cotton or sank clothes. When the other children invited you to play with them, you were playing jump ropes, tops or wooden helicopters.

In the school, you can about Confucianism books or the famous poem maker’s poems, such as Li-Bai, Wang Wei … The teacher will teach you study math, calligraphy, how to look for stars, poems planting and Chinese culture. You can go to a country test, if you want to be a government, but this test is very hard. If you didn’t have a good grade, you will want to be a industry maker, you could do sewing, ship making, wood making, wood block printing, ink and pottery.

The Tang Dynasty was the most powerful empire of the whole history in China. Many other countries wanted to trade with it. So when you were playing on the street, you can even ask different religion believers about their cultural, so this will help you of learning different cultural.

Today, when you are strolling in the night market, you might want to know
when did the first night market begins. The answer is, in the Tang Dynasty. But back then, the night market just sails meat and other foods.

So, if you were a twelve-year-old child in the Tang Dynasty, you might see these cultures.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Smoking is bad for your body and the world, but people still smoke a lot. Cigarettes is bad for your lungs, If you smoke a lot you will get cancer and then you will die in pain. Smoking has an addictive element in it, it will make you keep smoking. If you stop, it will feel very uncomfortable. When you finish smoking,you will throw away the butt of the cigarette. This will make the ground look very dirty. When you're are smoking the air that you blow out will also give the people around you cancer. So remember, don't smoke because smoking is bad for everything!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Don't smoke

Smoking is bad for your body and the world, but lots of people still smoke a lot. Segregates is bad for your lungs, if you smoke a lot you will get cancer and then you will die in pain. Smoking has a special element in it, it
will make you keep smoking, because if you stop, it will feel very uncomfortable. When you finish smoking,
you will throw the last part of the segregate, it will make the ground look very dirty. And when you are smoking the air that you blowout will let the people around you get cancer. So remember, don't smoke, smoking is bad for everything!