Sunday, April 27, 2008


Mokas said '' I think she is on her little vacation and won't come back for little while!''
Grandpa said ''No I bet she will come!''
Grandpa said '' Hey! Jim where are you going?''
Jim said ''Finding my cousin,of course!''
Mokas said''Robots catch him!''
Grandpa shouted ''Jim run as fast as you can!Don't let them catch!''
Then a voice shouted''Jim ,I will save you!''
Then a familiar music starts to played
Jim shouted ''I must be !TEM!''
Mokas laughed ''Ha! Ha! It wasn't your hero! it is just my music robot Ha!Ha!''
Tem shouted ''I am not your music robot ,I destroyed all ready!''
Mokas shouted ''But how did you excapt from the traps!?''

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Jim cryed''Oh!No! Let go of me !Crazy octurpers!
Mokas said ''If you said those words again I will break your arms and throw them in space !HA!HA!
Grandpa said ''Let go of my grand children or I will destroy you !
Mokas asked''With what?
Grandpa answered ''The space warewolf!''
Mokas said ''OhI am so scared! Then where is your warewolf?
Grandpa said ''Ann ,can you bring me the warewolf?''
But no one answered so grandpa asked again.
Grandpa asked ''Ann, where are you?''
Mokas laughed ''I think she won't come,old man!''
Grandpa shouted''Shout up,crazy octurpus!''
Jim said''Hey ,octupus break his arm!
Grandpa and Mokas shouted ''Shout up!''
Jim answered ''Okay!''
Grandpa said ''Where the Hell is her?''

Sunday, April 6, 2008


When the space ware wolf ran to Mokas he was a little frightened,but then he command his robot to catch the space ware wolf and the two humans.
Grandpa said ''Oh!No! they caught the space ware wolf we need to save it !''
Ann said ''Maybe we should save our selves first!''
Suddenly a space ship crash into Mokas's space ship and a thing came out!
The thing came out the said ''Hey Grandpa I am Jim!''
Grandpa asked ''But who's spaceship is that?''
Jim answered''I found it in our CAR !''
Ann said '' Maybe you two can help me and talk later!''
Grandpa and Jim answered ''Okay !''
Jim said ''I will find Tem first .''
Grandpa said ''Okay but be careful!''
Jim answered ''Okay.''
So Jim went to find Tem ,Mathew and Ann are fighting Mokas and his army.
When Jim was finding his cousin,a voice went to from a wall
It said ''Help me!''
Jim asked Who are you ?''
The voice answered ''I am Tem!''
Jim said ''Really!''
The voice answered ''No! I am Mokas!''
Jim shouted ''AH!''