Saturday, May 24, 2008


Mokas said''Quilkly ,Tem give me the mp3 and I will let go of Jim.
Jim said ''Hey Mokas ,I bet you can't kill me''
Mokas said ''If you say any word I will put some bombs and you can see you brain frying out your
Tem said ''Hey Mokas .Can I ask you a question?''
Mokas said ''Sure.''
Tem said''Where is Jim?''
Mokas said ''Oh! he is in my ...Oh no where is him ?''
Tem said''Here!''
Mokas shouted ''Oh!No!''
Tem said ''So now I can KILL you!''
Grandpa said''I can lock you in the space jail''
Oh! No you don't!''
Grandpa said ''Let me try ''
Mokas shouted ''Oh! please don't!''
Suddenly Mokas command whole his entire robot army to kill them.
Grandpa said''Oh! you little octopus!''
Tem said ''Hey Mokas , I kill all your robots! Ha!Ha!''
Then a space police came in Mokas Spaceship and took him in jail,and Tem,Jim and grandpa
took Mokas space shop back to earth

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Mokas shouted ''Oh !Jesus Christ!''
Grandpa said ''Then I will kill you when I throw body in space!''
Mookas said''I think you can with her!''
Then Mokas try to crad Grandpa and throw him in space.
Tem said''Watch out Grandpa!'
Gradpa said ''I know!''
Moks said''Hey Tem!Mathew!Jump out my space ship I will brake him into the pieces that you
kill Ann !''
Jim said''Don't listen to him''
Mokas said''Shut up you little jerk!''
Jim said ''Grandpa ,Tem .Don't listen to him !''
Tem suddenly turn into a alien that can spit fire and ran to Mokas.
Grandpa shouted''Don't do that Tem, or he will kill Jim!''
Tem said'' I know I just want Mokas to let go off Jim!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Grandpa shouted ''What,Ann Can you say that again?''
Ann said ''I just told you I am his slave !''
Grandpa said''But why?''
Ann said''Ask him!''
Mokas said''I don't remember!''
Ann said ''Don't you remember,before when i was still a kid,there was a war all of my family died
then when i was going to die you came in front of me and saved me. When i am going to leave you i said that i will not be your enemy even you kill me,so Mathew ,saving Tem out of prison is the last thing i do for you!''
Grandpa said ''Okay, so now we are enemy s not friends,so i need to kill you then!''
Ann said ''Kill me if you can I bet you don't have the courage to kill me!''
Granpa said''No !''
Then Grandpa ran to Ann and cut her into pieces
Mokas shouted''NO~No!''

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Tem said ''I saw someone took a strange animal and took me escape from the traps.''
Grandpa shouted ''It must Ann!But how did she know how to get the place that Mokas lock you in?''
Mokas said''Hey don't look at me it wasn't me!''
Tem shouted ''Mokas if you don't want to die bring us a space ship and let us go orIwill burn
you into a barbecue!''
Mokas said ''Or can I just throw you into space?''
Tem said ''Maybe I can help you be!''
Mokas said''Hey! Robots kill them and help me take his Mp3.
Robots''Okay !We will!
Grandpa shouted Ann !Where have you gone!We have been looking for you!''
Ann said ''Oh !''
Grandpa said ''Why are you talking like that?
Ann said ''Because I am Mokas's slave now!
Grandpa said''What?''