Sunday, March 30, 2008


Grandpa said '' Oh no! I think we need to in a new ship.
Ann said ''I think we need to save Tem first.''
Grandpa said ''But where can we find him ?''
Mokas said ''Use your brain!''
Grandpa shouted ''Where are you?''
Mokas said '' I am not here I am just talking with the microphone.''
Ann said ''Show your self i know you are here ''
Mokas said ''No I am not .''
Ann said ''Oh really?.''
Suddenly Ann took the Mp3 out and said''This is the real one.
Then Mokas ran to them.
Mokas said ''Give me the mp3 or you will die.
Ann said ''I forgot to tell you,this one is fake and the one on the boy is the real one.''
Mokas said ''Oh I am trap .''
Then Mathew and Ann realest the space ware wolf and it ran to Mokas.''
Mokas shouted ''Oh !No!''
To be continued........................

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Grandpa said''Oh!No!There are too many of them!''
Ann said said ''Mathew quickly blow this trumpit.''
When grandpa blew the trumpet all the robot flew back to their space ship.
Grandpa shouted ''Cool How did you know that?
Ann said ''Mother wit.''
Grandpa said ''Ann I have a little question, where is the space warewolf!''
Ann said ''Oh no !It must excapt to somewhere?
Grandpa said ''Or it is behind you trying to kill you with a stone!?''
Ann said'' Okay i caught it ''
Grandpa said ''Let us save Tem and destroy Mokas!
Ann said ''Okay!''
When Grandpa and Ann went out of the space ship a bomp destroyed their space ship.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Ann said''I caught it ! Quikly get on the space ship, lots of monster is chasing us!
Grandpa said ''Okay !''
Ann shouted ''Oh no! The zombies destroyed our space ship.''
Grandpa said ''Then we need to steal thier ship!''
Ann said ''I have the keys !''
Grandpa said ''Oh no some of the space ship is chasing us !''
Ann said ''Then we need to kill them all !''
Then Ann fired some booms to the space ships.
Grandpa shouted"Cool!''
Ann shouted ''That's Mokas space ship!''
Grandpa asked ''But how will we kill Mokas with the space warewolf''
Ann answered ''Easy just let it bite him''
Grandpa said ''Okay here's the plane you will lead the space warewof to kill Mokas and I will go
to saveTem!''
Ann said ''Okay!''
598[Mokas's robot]said''Sir i found a wierd space ship flying to is.''
Mokas answered ''That must be our guest!Be ready!''
Grandpa said ''Where are Mokas's robot?''
Ann said '' I think this is a trap !''
Mokas said ''You are right!kill them ''
Then a lot of his robot went to Ann,Grandpa and the space warewolf.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Ann shouted''Guess what!Mathew I found a way to destroy mokas!''
Grandpa shoutrd''Really!What did you use to find it?
Ann said''A brain and a computer.''
Granda said''So what's the way?''
Ann said''We need to catch a space warewolf , pull out it's skin and let Mokas wear it.''
Granpa said''So can we find it?''
Ann said ''Easy!we can find it on the planet down us.''
Grandpa said''Ok!let us hunt some warewolfs!''
When they leave the space ship lots of zombies went to them and try to eat them
Grandpa said''Wear this on Ann then they can't hurt you.''
Ann shouted''QUILKLY!!! I found a space warewolf! ''
Grandpa said ''Cool!let's catch it!
Ann said ''Becareful it might bite you! ''
Grandpa shouted''Ann becarefull there is a space mummy behind you.''
Ann said''Okay!thank you!''
Grandpa said ''Hey look Ann, look what I caught a space warewolf!''
Ann cried ''Becareful that isn't a space warewolf that is58kl[A creture that can turn to anythig
it want]''
Grandpa said '' Oh thank you very much!''