Thursday, January 31, 2008


When Tem heard that the mp3 wasn't for him he was so sad,and he was afraid that Ann will take
the mp3 away from him.So he want to ask that will Ann take away his mp3.
Tem said''Ann,will you take away the mp3 from me?'
Ann''Sure ido.If i know how to''
Tem knew what Ann was talking about at once ,because when Mokas want to take out his mp3
he can't.
Ann ''Do you know what I mean?''
Tem ''Yep''
Ann said ''You know i put a curse on it .I said [If someone put the mp3 on no one can take it off].'' Tem said ''I don't know that.''
Ann said''Be careful there he comes .''
Tem said''Who?''
Grandpa said''Mokas.''
Tem said''You had your arm on your body?''
Mokas said''Yes and this time you will be the person that lost an arm.''
Tem said''What is that?''
Mokas said''My new experience I call it-THE THING THAT PUT YOU IN HELL.
Jim said''Not me everyone says that I will go to heavon.''
Mokas said ''Really,but not me.Ha-ha-ha.''
Ann said''Push these two bottoms.''
Tem said''Okay .AH-AH-AH-AH.''
Everyone said''Oh god''
to be continud.........

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Tem said''Who are you?''
Ann said ''I am your grandfather's friend.Now grab my hand,quickly.''
Mokas said''Don't get away.''
Ann grab Tem's hand and jump out Mokas's space ship.
Ann ''Push that bottom on the mp3 .''
Tem said''This one ,okay''
Suddenly Tem turned into a flying monster, let Ann sit on his back and land on the ground.
Grandpa''I thought you were dead and Ann glad to see you again.
Tem and Jim said''You know [her]?''
Grandpa said''Yep.We were old friends from the [3h9]
Tem and Jim said''What is [3h9]''
Grandpa ''Your find out later.''
Ann said''Be careful,here comes Mokas.''
Mokas ''Give me that mp3.''
Grandpa and Ann said''Not forever.''
Mokas '' Okay,than kill them all my robots.''
Ann said ''Push this bottom Tem .''
When Tem pushes the bottom that Ann told him to push and he turned to a fire man.
Tem said''Who wants some fried octopus.''
Tem ran to the robots and burn them all into trash.And Mokas was so upset that he broke one
of his arm, ran to his space ship and flew away.
At night grandpa and Ann are talking about the old things that they did and Ann told something
about the mp3.
Ann said''That mp3 is the birthday peasant that i gave to you but i don't know your grandson
took it .''
Grandpa said''That's okay.''

Friday, January 18, 2008


Mokas said''Give me that mp3 or you will all go in hell.''
Grandfather said ''If I don't die,you won't get a chance.''
Mokas said''Hello Methew,long time no see.''
Tem and Jim said''Grandpa ,you know him?''
Grandpa said''Unfortunately,yes!''
Mokas said ''Shut up, give me that mp3 now.
Suddenly a robot flew out of mokas's ship grab Tema and it try to throw him into the space ship .
Grandpa said''Choose the song ''rock and rall'',it can help you.''
Tem said''Okay.''
Tem turned into a stone monster and destroyed the robot.
Mokas said'' You are going to hell.''
Mokas ran to Tem[the stone monster]and tryed to kill him,but soon Mokas was been beaten by
Mokas said '' I'll wait for a minute or more and you will turn to a little tiny human.''
Just like Mokas said the stone monster turned into Tem a minute after.
Mokas said'' Grab him in my space ship.''
Grandpa said'' No-NO-NO.''
When Tem was in Mokas space ship mokas tryed many ways to get the mp3 out off Tem's
ear ,but it was stuck .
Mokas said'' Then i'll need to cut off your head.''
Suddenly a small space ship went into mokas space ship and in the space ship was an alien girl.
Ann[that alien girl] '' I came to save you,Tem.''


Saturday, January 12, 2008


When Tem had that powerful mp3 ,he found out that the mp3 can let him turn to powerful
aliens,and he also find out that a alien called''Mokas''{a octopus head a man body},a amorphism called ''Heaven plan'', a powerful dark magic wizard and lots of alien and wizards want it
Now our story begins when Tem had his mp3.
Tem said''What is this ?'' '' Wow,let me check this out!''
Tem pushes the bottom of the mp3.
Tem said''What's going on here.'' ''YA--YA,help me.''
Jim and Grandpa said''TEM!''
Suddenly Tem turned to a man was all in fire.
Jim''YA Tem turned into a fire-ball.''
Tem said''No i didn't''
Jim''What is that thing over there.''
Grandpa''That must be ''Mokas's space ship.''
Jim and Tem ''Who's Mokas?''
Grandpa'' A octopus head alien.''
Jim and Tem ''How did you know ?''
Grandpa''When your sixty years old your know.'' ''Be careful ,here he comes.''
Mokas ''Give me that mp3''

Friday, January 4, 2008


Tem was a eleven-year-old ,sixth grade student.He was having his summer vacation with his Ten-year -old cousin Jim and his sixty-year-old grandfather.
Grandfather said "I decided that we will have go camping this summer vacation.''
Jim said ''But I planed all the things that I will do this summer in this list,and I don't want to dawdle all summer with a stupid man.''
Tem said'' Who are you saying to,bookworm.''
Grandfather said'' Just don't fight and i bet the three of us will have a good summer vacation.''
Tem and Jim said'' Okay.''
So they went to camp by the woods.At night when Tem was helping his grandfather building
the tent ,he saw a shinny thing flying in the sky and It fell in the woods that was beside him.T-
em was very curious that he went in the woods and finding what is going on,soon he found a big hole.First he thought the thing that caused the big hole was a meteorite,but then he found out that thing wasn't made by humans.Suddenly that thing cracked into pices and a mp3 flew to his
ears and start playing music .Soon he found out that when the music is playing he can turn
to many typesof aliens that have magic,move very fast,spit fire,fly ,invisible and lots
of other super powers.When the music ends he will need to turn backto human.He also find out many wizards ,aliens and also some other humans want it , too,so Jim and his grandfather need to help him to excape from the creatures that wants the mp3.