Sunday, November 4, 2007


Mozart was a music genius ,he was born at 1756 in Austria. his father was a musician,too. when

he was 4 ,he father taught him music , just for a while , his father took him to many big cities

to play musics , mozart had been very famous .

when he is eight he made his first song , called''La Finta Semplice''. mozart and his sister

were married , but his father wasn't very happy.he wrote a song called ''The Abduction from

the Seragilo''. 1777, his mother left Austria to work,but she died by sickness in her trip . at one

night a stranger gave him a letter to write asong for the stranger's wife , but mozart was very

sick , he knew this was the message from hell , it was ture when he was oing to finish the song

he was dead , he told his student Sussmayr to finish it, mozart was dead when he was 35.


ASC4@ ALC said...

I am Young. I don't very like his music, but his music is very good. And he died so young. If I died as young as him, I would never be that famous. This post is good, but the information is too less. You can search for more things about Mozart and pictures.

ASC4@ ALC said...

I am Ethen.This post is good.But it isn't has any pictures.Mozart's music is popular.
Everyone who learn music like his music best.The Symphony Nine is the most famous mosic of him.But he died so young.