Sunday, March 30, 2008


Grandpa said '' Oh no! I think we need to in a new ship.
Ann said ''I think we need to save Tem first.''
Grandpa said ''But where can we find him ?''
Mokas said ''Use your brain!''
Grandpa shouted ''Where are you?''
Mokas said '' I am not here I am just talking with the microphone.''
Ann said ''Show your self i know you are here ''
Mokas said ''No I am not .''
Ann said ''Oh really?.''
Suddenly Ann took the Mp3 out and said''This is the real one.
Then Mokas ran to them.
Mokas said ''Give me the mp3 or you will die.
Ann said ''I forgot to tell you,this one is fake and the one on the boy is the real one.''
Mokas said ''Oh I am trap .''
Then Mathew and Ann realest the space ware wolf and it ran to Mokas.''
Mokas shouted ''Oh !No!''
To be continued........................

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