Sunday, October 18, 2009

Proffesional athlete's money

Some people that are good at sports sometimes will become a proffesional athlete. Proffesional athlete sometimes win at
games and earn a lot of money. But people think that they recieve too much money. If you were a business man working hard, and all the money that you earn whole of your life is less than a athlete earns at a single game, so many people don't agree with athletes recieving so much money.I think that they should get that money, just like studying, they still need
to practice and train hard, or they won't have the chance to win at the game. Most of the athlete didn't have good grades
in school, so they decided to train for sports. Training isn't easier than studing, mybe some athletes trians more then you studing.So giving them a lot of money is a choice, because they can buy new things to help them train. I think poffesional athlete usually work more than normal people, so they deservr this money.

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