Sunday, December 13, 2009

The person I knew who gets in trobble

My  friend , James , was a boy in my class. He wasn't a very good clssmate, somtimes he cheets, stole things from others, lie to classmate or teachers. Although everyone in the class hated him very much, but all of us still forgive him.. But he still do bad things, and didn't want to be good. So one day, at the computer class, he got his punishment. At the computer class, he was seeing colorful movies on the Net, but then he was caught by the teacher, he lied to the teacher that most of the classmates were wacthing, too. The teacher didn't believe him, so he got a warning. But he lied to his parents that the reason that he got the warning is because he didn't wear a heimet when he is riding a bicycle at school, but at some time, the teacher called his parents and told the truth. So he was been punish hardly by his parents. the next day to school, the teacher know that he said a lie so he got an extra warning. And after that, no one believe the words he says.

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