Saturday, December 29, 2007


Eleven-years-old Tem is on a summer vacation with his ten-year-old cousin Jim and sixty-year-old grandfather.They decided to go camping by the woods.In the night when Tem was helping putting up the tent,he saw a shinny thing falling from the sky.He was very curios so he went to find out that strange light.When he ran in the woods he found a big holl,first he thought
the shinny thing is a meteorite,but then he found out that thing wasn't made from human
, suddently that thing cracked to two Pisces and a mp3 flew to Tem's ear and start to play music
but when the the mp3 is playing he will turn to lots of alien but when the music ends he will
need to turn back to human.Soon he found out many wizards,aliens and even humans wants it,so his grandfather and jim needs tn help him to attack those who wants the mp3

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