Friday, January 4, 2008


Tem was a eleven-year-old ,sixth grade student.He was having his summer vacation with his Ten-year -old cousin Jim and his sixty-year-old grandfather.
Grandfather said "I decided that we will have go camping this summer vacation.''
Jim said ''But I planed all the things that I will do this summer in this list,and I don't want to dawdle all summer with a stupid man.''
Tem said'' Who are you saying to,bookworm.''
Grandfather said'' Just don't fight and i bet the three of us will have a good summer vacation.''
Tem and Jim said'' Okay.''
So they went to camp by the woods.At night when Tem was helping his grandfather building
the tent ,he saw a shinny thing flying in the sky and It fell in the woods that was beside him.T-
em was very curious that he went in the woods and finding what is going on,soon he found a big hole.First he thought the thing that caused the big hole was a meteorite,but then he found out that thing wasn't made by humans.Suddenly that thing cracked into pices and a mp3 flew to his
ears and start playing music .Soon he found out that when the music is playing he can turn
to many typesof aliens that have magic,move very fast,spit fire,fly ,invisible and lots
of other super powers.When the music ends he will need to turn backto human.He also find out many wizards ,aliens and also some other humans want it , too,so Jim and his grandfather need to help him to excape from the creatures that wants the mp3.

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Anonymous said...

Good start, Winner. Very creative and unique idea - the magic MP3 player. Keep going and continue to tell Tem's story. Maybe each chapter could be a new adventure with Tem using a different magical power.
Quick question. When you say "ho ll" do you mean "hole?" Also, at the end, you say some things like many other people, wizards, etc, want the magic MP3 player, but you don't explain how he knows about this. Maybe you could explain better.