Friday, February 8, 2008


Suddenly Tem turned into a huge monster that is bigger than Earth
Tem said''Who is going to hell,you ?''
Mokas said''Oh really?'
Then mokas's THE THING THAT PUTS YOU IN HELL turned to the size like Tem
Tem said''Hey that doesn't sound like fun.''
Mokas said''Really but why I am still laughing?''
Tem said'' Because you are too stupid ''
Mokas said''Shut up and let him kill you.''
Tem said''Oh if i am you I won't say that''
Mokas said'' Do you hear somsthing?''
Suddenly a [BI-BI-BI] sound came out from Tem.
Ann said''OH NO!he is turning to human!''
Mokas said''Catch him don't let him die''
Then THE THING THAT PUTS YOU IN HELL catches Tem and gave him to Mokas.
Mokas said''Finally the mp3 is mine Ha !Ha!''
Ann said''But you can't take it out from him.''
Mokas said''But on less I have it and the boy!''

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