Thursday, January 31, 2008


When Tem heard that the mp3 wasn't for him he was so sad,and he was afraid that Ann will take
the mp3 away from him.So he want to ask that will Ann take away his mp3.
Tem said''Ann,will you take away the mp3 from me?'
Ann''Sure ido.If i know how to''
Tem knew what Ann was talking about at once ,because when Mokas want to take out his mp3
he can't.
Ann ''Do you know what I mean?''
Tem ''Yep''
Ann said ''You know i put a curse on it .I said [If someone put the mp3 on no one can take it off].'' Tem said ''I don't know that.''
Ann said''Be careful there he comes .''
Tem said''Who?''
Grandpa said''Mokas.''
Tem said''You had your arm on your body?''
Mokas said''Yes and this time you will be the person that lost an arm.''
Tem said''What is that?''
Mokas said''My new experience I call it-THE THING THAT PUT YOU IN HELL.
Jim said''Not me everyone says that I will go to heavon.''
Mokas said ''Really,but not me.Ha-ha-ha.''
Ann said''Push these two bottoms.''
Tem said''Okay .AH-AH-AH-AH.''
Everyone said''Oh god''
to be continud.........

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