Sunday, April 13, 2008


Jim cryed''Oh!No! Let go of me !Crazy octurpers!
Mokas said ''If you said those words again I will break your arms and throw them in space !HA!HA!
Grandpa said ''Let go of my grand children or I will destroy you !
Mokas asked''With what?
Grandpa answered ''The space warewolf!''
Mokas said ''OhI am so scared! Then where is your warewolf?
Grandpa said ''Ann ,can you bring me the warewolf?''
But no one answered so grandpa asked again.
Grandpa asked ''Ann, where are you?''
Mokas laughed ''I think she won't come,old man!''
Grandpa shouted''Shout up,crazy octurpus!''
Jim said''Hey ,octupus break his arm!
Grandpa and Mokas shouted ''Shout up!''
Jim answered ''Okay!''
Grandpa said ''Where the Hell is her?''

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