Sunday, April 27, 2008


Mokas said '' I think she is on her little vacation and won't come back for little while!''
Grandpa said ''No I bet she will come!''
Grandpa said '' Hey! Jim where are you going?''
Jim said ''Finding my cousin,of course!''
Mokas said''Robots catch him!''
Grandpa shouted ''Jim run as fast as you can!Don't let them catch!''
Then a voice shouted''Jim ,I will save you!''
Then a familiar music starts to played
Jim shouted ''I must be !TEM!''
Mokas laughed ''Ha! Ha! It wasn't your hero! it is just my music robot Ha!Ha!''
Tem shouted ''I am not your music robot ,I destroyed all ready!''
Mokas shouted ''But how did you excapt from the traps!?''

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