Saturday, May 3, 2008


Tem said ''I saw someone took a strange animal and took me escape from the traps.''
Grandpa shouted ''It must Ann!But how did she know how to get the place that Mokas lock you in?''
Mokas said''Hey don't look at me it wasn't me!''
Tem shouted ''Mokas if you don't want to die bring us a space ship and let us go orIwill burn
you into a barbecue!''
Mokas said ''Or can I just throw you into space?''
Tem said ''Maybe I can help you be!''
Mokas said''Hey! Robots kill them and help me take his Mp3.
Robots''Okay !We will!
Grandpa shouted Ann !Where have you gone!We have been looking for you!''
Ann said ''Oh !''
Grandpa said ''Why are you talking like that?
Ann said ''Because I am Mokas's slave now!
Grandpa said''What?''

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