Saturday, May 17, 2008


Mokas shouted ''Oh !Jesus Christ!''
Grandpa said ''Then I will kill you when I throw body in space!''
Mookas said''I think you can with her!''
Then Mokas try to crad Grandpa and throw him in space.
Tem said''Watch out Grandpa!'
Gradpa said ''I know!''
Moks said''Hey Tem!Mathew!Jump out my space ship I will brake him into the pieces that you
kill Ann !''
Jim said''Don't listen to him''
Mokas said''Shut up you little jerk!''
Jim said ''Grandpa ,Tem .Don't listen to him !''
Tem suddenly turn into a alien that can spit fire and ran to Mokas.
Grandpa shouted''Don't do that Tem, or he will kill Jim!''
Tem said'' I know I just want Mokas to let go off Jim!

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