Saturday, May 24, 2008


Mokas said''Quilkly ,Tem give me the mp3 and I will let go of Jim.
Jim said ''Hey Mokas ,I bet you can't kill me''
Mokas said ''If you say any word I will put some bombs and you can see you brain frying out your
Tem said ''Hey Mokas .Can I ask you a question?''
Mokas said ''Sure.''
Tem said''Where is Jim?''
Mokas said ''Oh! he is in my ...Oh no where is him ?''
Tem said''Here!''
Mokas shouted ''Oh!No!''
Tem said ''So now I can KILL you!''
Grandpa said''I can lock you in the space jail''
Oh! No you don't!''
Grandpa said ''Let me try ''
Mokas shouted ''Oh! please don't!''
Suddenly Mokas command whole his entire robot army to kill them.
Grandpa said''Oh! you little octopus!''
Tem said ''Hey Mokas , I kill all your robots! Ha!Ha!''
Then a space police came in Mokas Spaceship and took him in jail,and Tem,Jim and grandpa
took Mokas space shop back to earth


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