Sunday, May 11, 2008


Grandpa shouted ''What,Ann Can you say that again?''
Ann said ''I just told you I am his slave !''
Grandpa said''But why?''
Ann said''Ask him!''
Mokas said''I don't remember!''
Ann said ''Don't you remember,before when i was still a kid,there was a war all of my family died
then when i was going to die you came in front of me and saved me. When i am going to leave you i said that i will not be your enemy even you kill me,so Mathew ,saving Tem out of prison is the last thing i do for you!''
Grandpa said ''Okay, so now we are enemy s not friends,so i need to kill you then!''
Ann said ''Kill me if you can I bet you don't have the courage to kill me!''
Granpa said''No !''
Then Grandpa ran to Ann and cut her into pieces
Mokas shouted''NO~No!''

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