Friday, January 18, 2008


Mokas said''Give me that mp3 or you will all go in hell.''
Grandfather said ''If I don't die,you won't get a chance.''
Mokas said''Hello Methew,long time no see.''
Tem and Jim said''Grandpa ,you know him?''
Grandpa said''Unfortunately,yes!''
Mokas said ''Shut up, give me that mp3 now.
Suddenly a robot flew out of mokas's ship grab Tema and it try to throw him into the space ship .
Grandpa said''Choose the song ''rock and rall'',it can help you.''
Tem said''Okay.''
Tem turned into a stone monster and destroyed the robot.
Mokas said'' You are going to hell.''
Mokas ran to Tem[the stone monster]and tryed to kill him,but soon Mokas was been beaten by
Mokas said '' I'll wait for a minute or more and you will turn to a little tiny human.''
Just like Mokas said the stone monster turned into Tem a minute after.
Mokas said'' Grab him in my space ship.''
Grandpa said'' No-NO-NO.''
When Tem was in Mokas space ship mokas tryed many ways to get the mp3 out off Tem's
ear ,but it was stuck .
Mokas said'' Then i'll need to cut off your head.''
Suddenly a small space ship went into mokas space ship and in the space ship was an alien girl.
Ann[that alien girl] '' I came to save you,Tem.''

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this is the way a blog should be! thanks!