Saturday, January 12, 2008


When Tem had that powerful mp3 ,he found out that the mp3 can let him turn to powerful
aliens,and he also find out that a alien called''Mokas''{a octopus head a man body},a amorphism called ''Heaven plan'', a powerful dark magic wizard and lots of alien and wizards want it
Now our story begins when Tem had his mp3.
Tem said''What is this ?'' '' Wow,let me check this out!''
Tem pushes the bottom of the mp3.
Tem said''What's going on here.'' ''YA--YA,help me.''
Jim and Grandpa said''TEM!''
Suddenly Tem turned to a man was all in fire.
Jim''YA Tem turned into a fire-ball.''
Tem said''No i didn't''
Jim''What is that thing over there.''
Grandpa''That must be ''Mokas's space ship.''
Jim and Tem ''Who's Mokas?''
Grandpa'' A octopus head alien.''
Jim and Tem ''How did you know ?''
Grandpa''When your sixty years old your know.'' ''Be careful ,here he comes.''
Mokas ''Give me that mp3''


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