Sunday, January 27, 2008


Tem said''Who are you?''
Ann said ''I am your grandfather's friend.Now grab my hand,quickly.''
Mokas said''Don't get away.''
Ann grab Tem's hand and jump out Mokas's space ship.
Ann ''Push that bottom on the mp3 .''
Tem said''This one ,okay''
Suddenly Tem turned into a flying monster, let Ann sit on his back and land on the ground.
Grandpa''I thought you were dead and Ann glad to see you again.
Tem and Jim said''You know [her]?''
Grandpa said''Yep.We were old friends from the [3h9]
Tem and Jim said''What is [3h9]''
Grandpa ''Your find out later.''
Ann said''Be careful,here comes Mokas.''
Mokas ''Give me that mp3.''
Grandpa and Ann said''Not forever.''
Mokas '' Okay,than kill them all my robots.''
Ann said ''Push this bottom Tem .''
When Tem pushes the bottom that Ann told him to push and he turned to a fire man.
Tem said''Who wants some fried octopus.''
Tem ran to the robots and burn them all into trash.And Mokas was so upset that he broke one
of his arm, ran to his space ship and flew away.
At night grandpa and Ann are talking about the old things that they did and Ann told something
about the mp3.
Ann said''That mp3 is the birthday peasant that i gave to you but i don't know your grandson
took it .''
Grandpa said''That's okay.''

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